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My Quran network is an e-Quran school. we provide online Quran teaching for kids, adults, and females. Learn Quran online with Tajweed and Arabic rules. we have a qualified team of male and female Staff. Now you can learn Quran online with Tajweed, remember Quran online, learn the Arabic language, and many more with our detailed designed courses.

Our Quran e-learning methods are designed according to the different age groups of students. Before getting admission, get a free trial by taking some online Quran classes free.

Online Quran with tajweed

How we are different in online Quran teaching?

learn quran any time

24 Hour and 7 days a week

Our online Quran Tutors are available 24 hr a day and 7 days a week. Now you can learn Quran online or learn any of our designed courses online according to your available hour. You can enroll simply by Selecting your flexible hours and aligning with our qualified Quran tutor.

Learn quran online

Female Tutor for Kids and Females

Female Quran Tutors are available for online Quran teaching only for Kids and females. Our female Quran tutor teaches Quran with Tajweed and also provides online Quran classes for Quran memorization.

Weekly/Monthly student Reports

We provide Students' performance reports weekly/ monthly basis, which helps to analyze how well students are moving to achieve their study goals. This Students' Quran e-learning reports are a written record of what your child has done in the last week or month and what is his behavior in the study.

Online quran with tajweed

1 on 1 online Quran Lesson

By getting Quran online tuition Get a dedicated Quran tutor for your online Quran e-learning course. Get the full attention of our qualified team members of male and female staff. By Getting a dedicated Quran tutor you can ask questions freely. and do not move ached until you satisfy and clear all your questions regarding your study or course.

Why Should we learn Quran?

The Holy Quran is the unrivaled words of Allah Subhana- wa-tala. he is the only one lord of all worlds. It is guidance from Allah to all humanity, Quran provides Knowledge, rules, and guides us in all aspects of life. The Holy Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) he is the last Prophet. Holy Quran was revealed by Allah Subhana-wa-tala for the betterment of humanity and offers rewards to whom wo read even a single word of the Holy Quran. 

Every Muslim is required to learn Quran reading first and second he try to understand Quran. First Learning Quran with Tajweed increases the beauty of reading of Quran. After reading and achieving  first goal  try to achieve second goad that is try to understand the Quran with the intent of what Allah Subahana-wa-tala required from us? When we understand and fulfill Allah Subhana-wa-tala requirements, then we will be successful not only in the second world after death, but also in this temporary world, Quran reading provides satisfaction to the soul.

Why Learn Quran online with Tajweed ?

Every language has its different rules for pronouncing the words and making sentences. Quran is the Speech of Allah Subhana-Wa-tala and is revealed in the Arabic language. A little mistake in the pronunciation of Quran words makes changes in the meanings of Allah Subhana-wa-tala words. this mistake is not affordable.

Tajweed is the set of rules which describes how the different words of the Quran should be pronounced. The term Tajweed is used with the reciting of the Quran. Once someone learns the Quran with Tajweed they will be able to pronounce the words of the Quran in the right way which also increases the beauty of reading and listening to the Quran.  It is the Obligation of all Muslims to recite Holy Quran with proper pronunciation.

Tajweed Covers the following topic

  • Understanding the Arabic Alphabet.
  • Makharaj El-Haroof (From where a particular Arabic Alphabet Should be Pronounced).
  • Correct Pronunciation of single and combined Alphabets.
  • Set of Rules apply in the recitation of different verses of Quran.
  • Rules of Waqaf.
  • Rules and signs of Stopping.
  • Quran Recitation.
  • Applying Tajweed Rules at different verses.
  • And much more as per student need.

Our Team

Shaikh Muhammad Yasir Noor

My Quran network is an online Quran learning academy running under the supervision of Shaikh Muhammad Yasir Noor, Shaikh Muhammad Yasir Noor is the vice president of The Suleman Education School system in Lahore and he is a famous senior teacher of Jamia Ashrafia-Islamic University Lahore, teaching in Jamia Ashrafia-Islamic university since past 25 years.

Shaikh Muhammad Waqar Ali

Shaikh Muhammad Waqar Ali is a master's degree holder (Master in Islamic Studies) he is a professional teacher having more than 7 years of teaching experience, he is a permanent teaching fecality member of The Suleman education school system, teaching online Quran with Tajweed, Arabic Grammer, Serat un nabi, and Tafseer Quran online to the students of different countries like United Kingdom (UK), Canada

Female Staff Profile

Our Female Staff includes Shaikha graduated from the university of Punjab and has Master's degree in Islamic studies. our Shaikha female staff has more than 5-year teaching experience, teaching in Baitul Huda School System (an Islamic School), our female Quran tutors teach Quran lessons online with Tajweed rules, Remember Quran online to students of different countries like the United Kingdom (UK), Jorden, United States of America (USA), India and in many countries online.

The Benefits of Learn Quran Online

  • Option in Selection of Online Quran Tutor

For Quran e learning, parents or students has the option to select Quran tutor accordingly by studying each online Quran tutor profile. Students or Parents better know what is the current capability and condition of him or his children, and what type of online Quran tutor they required.

  • Female Quran Tutor for Women and Kids

Some mothers prefer female online Quran tutors for their kids because they feel more comfortable talking and discussing with female Quran tutors about their kid’s performance. My Quran Network provides female Quran teachers who have a grip on Arabic and English language, these female Quran tutors speak English fluently. 

  • Option to Select online Quran lesson packages according to your Budget

Everyone has limited budget, you can customized your online Quran Classis according to your budget for example you can increase or decrease the Tajweed Quran online classes per week and your cost will adjust accordingly if you take more classes you pay more if you take less classes you pay less. Keeping in view the budget constraints of Students and Parents My Quran Network designed different economical packages of Learn Quran online.

  • No time constraint, select any time during 24 hr

In this modern fast world no one has time, it is difficult for many people to attend Combined Quran Classis in their local area Masjid or institute due to their different Job timings. My Quran Network is a 24-hour online Quran teaching school, by selecting online learning medium you can take online Quran classes according to your available time.

How you can Start to Learn Quran Online

Step 1

Contact Us By Call or Send Whatsapp message.

Step 2

Fix your time to take some Trial classes.

Step 3

Select your Package according to your budget and fix your tutor and daily timetable to take Online Quran lessons.

Step 4

After the Course gets the certification.