Learn the Quran for Beginner or kids a startup course

My Quran Network designed a startup course name Learn the Quran for beginners or kids, this startup course is designed especially for those who cannot read the Arabic alphabet, and do not have familiarity with the Arabic alphabet, and do not know how to read the Quran.

Learn Online Quran for kids
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Noorani Qaida

This Quran course of online Quran for kids or beginners is designed at a basic level, this course of Learn Quran online for beginners starts with the Sigle alphabet and ends when students start reading of Quran by themselves. We designed this course with step-by-step lectures and practices.

  • Make familiar with the Arabic alphabet.
  • Teach how to pronounce each word correctly, wrong pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet changes the meaning when we read Quran.
  • Student will learn how to join the different letters that make a complete word, after that that makes a complete sentence.
  • Learn Basic rules of recitation of the Quran that include
  1. Harkat
  2. Waqaf (Stopping Letters)
  3. Sakina Letters
  4. Madd
  5. Tashdeed
  6. Other Basic rules of recitation of the Quran.

After Completing this Quran Course for beginners or kids, Students will be able to read Quran.

Eligibility Criteria for Learn Quran for beginners or kids

As a Muslim it is required for every Muslim to learn and read Quran, this startup course is designed for beginners. All Muslims who feel that they have problems in pronouncing the Arabic words or Want to Know how to join different letters, they can Join this Startup Course of Learn Quran online.

In this particular course, Quran for beginners can attend any age group of Male and females. we have qualified female staff for kids or female students